Commitment from concept to continuity

Partnering across all phases

At 2ndRound, we stand as a steadfast partner through every stage of your energy project. Combining our unit skill set of boiler design with expertise in business analysis, we offer comprehensive support from inception to ongoing operations. Our commitment is to ensure excellence and exceed expectations at every turn.

Energy needs are at the core of any project, yet navigating the complexities of energy production, storage, and savings requires expertise and experience.

Energy production transformation step-by-step

It’s crucial to have a comprehensive investment plan that considers all aspects of the project from the outset. A second opinion can provide valuable insights and confirm the business plan, ensuring that all possibilities are mapped out. With expertise in comparing different variations, 2ndRound can assist in:


            • Defining the needs and identifying all necessary operating points
            • Estimating all related operating costs over the long term
            • Assessing the expected utilization time against the stability of the operating environment
            • Providing a full cost estimation for different variations
            • Deciding between improving the existing infrastructure or building a new
            • Evaluating implementation risks
            • Estimating installation time
            • Determining backup needs

This level of detailed planning and review is crucial, as it can influence up to 90% of the project’s overall cost and its eventual success.


Known as Blueprint, we begin by identifying your energy requirements. This key phase clarifies the complex interactions in the energy chain. Leveraging our team’s profound knowledge and experience, we lay the groundwork for defining a project that seamlessly aligns with your needs.

Comparing solutions

Solution comparison, we undertake detailed comparisons of potential solutions, assessing their impact on both CAPEX and OPEX. This critical step involves time-consuming iterations to ensure realistic estimations. By leveraging our design and calculation expertise, we streamline this process, providing reliable and swift comparisons based on consistent assumptions and sensitivity analysis. The ultimate goal is to identify the best solution quickly, optimizing both effectiveness and lead time.

Locking the targets

Locking the targets, we establish your project’s goals through transparent design and quantity-based budgeting. Our approach allows for flexibility in supplier selection, as we offer a commercial package combining project management and delivery options. Importantly, we empower you with design ownership, ensuring informed decision-making throughout the process.


Known as Project Management and Engineering with TailorTech, we bring our plans to life, blending the advantages of guaranteed performance and fixed cost with the flexibility. Our approach emphasizes adaptability to variations and opportunities, ensuring project resilience.


Execution and Commissioning, we ensure meticulous project completion by utilizing a unique scheduling method. Combining critical path and rolling wave planning, and supported by our niche boiler expertise, we guarantee the achievement of set targets in each step.

Energy production

Ensuring Continuity with EquipGuard Beyond the initial project phases, EquipGuard ensures your energy system’s performance is maintained at optimal levels. This includes Operation Support, a facet of EquipGuard dedicated to maximizing efficiency, availability, and troubleshooting post-commissioning. With advanced AI tools and our collective expertise, we provide comprehensive support to operators and asset owners, ensuring the system’s long-term success and sustainability.


Access to our innovations by complete design solutions

Our core competences:

  • Combustion system design (burners, bubbling fluidized bed, grate)
  • Process calculation of the boilers and heat recovery systems
  • Concept definition and commercial calculations
  • Investment concept definitions
  • Allow customers to procure the solution for the market

Tailored energy production tools and design


Bringing innovations to life, tailored to your needs

Our core competences:

  • Process design, equipment definition, mechanical design
  • Expertise in international demanding energy project management
  • Installation planning and advising
  • Turning process calculations to efficient commissioning and training

Tailored Excellence – Your vision, our expertise


Elevate with Assurance

EquipGuard symbolizes more than a product; it’s your guarantee of design quality and performance. Our specialized delivery ensures client satisfaction, backed by our proprietary designs and cutting-edge technologies. EquipGuard protects the customer from any lack of performance caused by design flaws that the equipment or service supplier’s guarantee of the work does not cover.

Choose the cost and coverage

Modules for each stage of execution 

What is needed in each stage and our offering to our customers.

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