Elevate your energy efficiency with 2ndRound

We are a pioneer in bespoke energy solutions, leveraging the power of new technologies to ensure clients achieve optimal efficiency and cost-savings. We offer comprehensive services from design to installation of boilers and energy systems. By merging decades of industry expertise with advanced analytics, our clients benefit from tailor-made solutions that not only meet but exceed their energy requirements. With 2ndRound, customers experience unparalleled energy performance, reduced operational costs, and innovative, future-proof solutions powered by AI.

Our values


in energy

Robust expertise and experience in process engineering and project management ensures top-tier service and results.

Key persons have dozens of references


in operation and ownership

Customers receive design ownership rights, coupled with open access to technical and financial calculations, enabling a clear and trustful partnership.

Design documents and models are openly shared


and freedom to choose

Customers have the freedom to select their preferred equipment provider for investments, with 2ndRound’s team available for assestments or second opinions.

Customers can use the documentation freely


value sharing

Together, we determine the distribution of risks and returns, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

Open book pricing model and mutually agreed profit and risk margin

Our story

Our roots is anchored deeply in the energy sector, especially with key team members have extensive background in the energy sector. This rich history is not just a chronological account of years but a tapestry of invaluable experiences, lessons learned, and successes celebrated. This history assures that our customer collaborating with seasoned professionals who’ve been at the forefront of energy innovations and solutions.

Our history isn’t just a narrative of its journey but a testament to its dedication, expertise, and commitment to serving its customers with passion and excellence. We assures customers that they’re partnering with a company that brings both the wisdom of experience and the vigor of modern innovation to the table.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize energy production by providing sustainable and efficient solutions. We achieve this in cooperation with the customers by emphasizing transparency, accountability, and creativity, using cutting-edge technologies to streamline our operations and decision-making processes.

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