Are you ready to take your energy to the next level?

At 2ndRound, we are delivering exceptional, tailored energy solutions that elevate efficiency, reduce costs, and chart a course for a sustainable future. Our commitment to transparency and agile collaboration ensures your investment exceeds expectations, building enduring partnerships on a foundation of reliability and mutual success.

You’ll be partnered with our expert team, steering your asset from planning, through operation, to re-use. In energy asset management, shortcuts don’t exist—only experience leads to success.

Energy investments redefined: A modern approach


Optimized plant solutions with diverse boiler simulations

By integrating advanced simulations, we tailor our engineering solutions to customer goals, exploring various boiler options. This ensures each plant design is optimized for maximum efficiency and sustainability, meeting specific fuels, performance and investment criteria through the careful evaluation of different boiler solutions.


Transparent investment realization

By following a detailed quantity-based cost structure during the solution realization, we offer complete transparency. This transparency, combined with our policy of open supplier selection, empowers clients to make informed decisions and select the best suppliers.


Design ownership; A new standard of flexibility

We go beyond traditional service models by granting ownership of the design. This unique approach ensures that clients retain flexibility over their projects, benefiting from our extensive experience while enjoying the flexibility to adapt and evolve their energy solutions as needed.

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