Leverage your industrial process automation data with our AI agent in your business

2ndRound harnesses the power of AI to elevate your process industry business operations. In the data-rich environment, knowing how to utilize available data is crucial. Our innovative AI solution seamlessly connects your process automation data directly to AI agent, unlocking new opportunities for business development and operational improvements.

 AI solution “Sparky”

Our AI solution is designed to enhance the process industry by connecting process data directly to AI, opening a window to better understand the possibilities for business development and improvements. By combining process data with business insights and utilizing data analytics tools, we can simplify the process of requesting information from AI. 2ndRound offers a secure link and the necessary tools to connect the process data server to AI, providing data analytics tools for AI. This integration allows AI to access data on technical maintenance, work schedules, used spare parts, and other informational resources, enabling analysis and trend identification. It can also be used for integration with the ERP system for access to the Reporting service. The goal is to organize data in a database, ensuring differentiation based on product and user roles, and selecting the correct version of answers depending on the user’s question.

2ndRound AI solution

Industrial process AI: Seamless integration of process data and IT architecture

Integrating industrial process AI into your IT architecture is a transformative initiative that enhances operational efficiency and decision-making. With its predictive capabilities and advanced data analytics, industrial process AI empowers clients to optimize their processes and workflows effectively.

Linked to IT architecture

Modern IT infrastructures comprise diverse systems, including CRM, ERP, and data warehouses. Industrial process AI seamlessly interfaces with these systems, leveraging process data to generate strategic insights and drive operational improvements.

Industrial process AI solution overview

Industrial process AI is a cutting-edge, AI-powered enterprise resource planning tool designed to predict work and consumption, steer operations in real-time, and optimize processes through comprehensive data analytics. It integrates smoothly with process automation systems, ensuring a continuous flow of valuable data and insights.

Secure connection

A key benefit of integrating industrial process AI is the secure connection it establishes between process automation systems and your IT architecture. This secure connection isolates the process automation while allowing data to be utilized without compromising system integrity. Solution is NIS2 compatible.

Strategically integrating industrial process AI into your IT architecture is a forward-thinking move that enhances operational capabilities, positioning clients at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. Embrace industrial process AI to drive your business towards greater success and efficiency.

Data analytic tools in industrial process AI

Our industrial process AI comes equipped with advanced data analytic tools designed to transform, analyze, and visualize your data for strategic insights and improved decision-making. These tools focus on data conversion, time series analysis, correlation analysis, and visualization:

Data conversion tools

Our data conversion tools are essential for transforming data from one format to another, ensuring compatibility with various systems and applications. They play a crucial role in data migration and integration projects, enabling the standardization of data and the creation of a single source of truth within your organization.

Time series analysis tools

Time series analysis tools are vital for understanding trends and patterns over time. They help analyze data points collected at different intervals, providing insights into how variables change over time. These tools are particularly useful for forecasting future data based on historical trends, aiding in predictive analytics and strategic planning.

Correlation analysis tools

Correlation analysis tools measure the strength and direction of relationships between two or more variables. They help determine whether changes in one variable predict changes in another, which is essential for identifying relationships and dependencies within your data. This analysis is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing processes.

Data visualization tools

Our data visualization tools enable the representation of data in visual formats such as charts, graphs, and maps. These tools make complex data more accessible and understandable, allowing you to communicate insights effectively and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Correlation matrix heatmap

Correlation matrix heatmap

Together, these tools form a comprehensive suite for data analysis, facilitating the conversion, analysis, correlation, and visualization of data. By leveraging these advanced capabilities, you can support informed decision-making and strategic planning, driving your business towards greater efficiency and success.

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